Inactivity is highly prevalent among nursing home residents. This has many disadvantages, both physically and mentally. Hence, it is very important to develop and offer a challenging span of meaningful physical activities, matching with the preferences and abilities of residents. Tools to assess preferred activities systematically are hardly available yet. We therefore developed and tested such a tool (“MIBBO” = Methodiek ter Inventarisatie van Betekenisvolle Beweegvoorkeuren van Ouderen): Assessment of  Meaningful Physical Activities for Elderly people.

Poster MIBBO

The attached poster was presentend during the national congres for physiotherapy in November 2012.


Presentation at the Geriatric Giants congres

The Geriatric Giants are a enthousiastic group of professionals working in geriatric care. They aim is to circulate knowlegde of relevant developements for daily care in elderly. On a yearly basis they organise a well attended congres. This year, Melanie was invited to give a talk about the MIBBO.

More information (photo's, sheets) can be found at http://www.atriummc.nl/Congres-2013.23261.0.html

MIBBO and nursing home residents

The prevention of physical activity has become an important topic in the geriatric care setting. Therefore, a pilot study was started to investigate an intervention that aims to prevent inactivity in nursing homes. The MIBBO interview was conducted in six nursing homes residents and their favorite activities were implemented in their personal care plan. The aim was to improve the physical activity level of residents in a way that is meaningful to them.