Facilitating Movement Implicitly

The power of implicit motor learning 2.0 - The official kick-off of 4-year lasting RAAK-pro research project!

In September the research project “the power of implicit motor learning” has officially started. The project is structured over four sub-projects (work packages), in which Melanie Kleynen and Li-Juan Jie are involved as part of their PhD.

About Facilitating Movement Implicitly (project)

Background and aim

Therapists, like physiotherapists and occupational therapists, are experts on motor learning. They provide treatment for patients that aims at improvement of movement skills and keeping patients at a certain activity level. 

An important target group are people with acquired neurological pathologies of the central neural system, e.g. dementia, stroke or Parkinson’s disease. These people often have problems with processing and understanding information, like instructions given by therapists.

Steering group

Within the FMI-project members of the different consortium partners are part of either the referee or steering group. On October first 2012, before the steering group meeting, this photo was taken of (part of) the FMI-project members at 'de hoeve' at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

Top row: Stéphanie Cornips (Zuyd), Michel Bleijlevens (Sevagram/UM), Sandra Beurskens (Zuyd/UM), Alke Haarsma (Zuyd)

Poster presentation

This poster has been presented during the national congres of physiotherapie in November 2013. I gives an overview of the FMI project (unfortunately it is in Dutch).