The Aeropress works great for any roast of coffee. At 1:45 (+/- :05 based on preference) plunge slowly, for 30sec. Begin to pour again at 1:45 slowly until water reaches up to 230 grams. Be sure to follow along on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for even more deliciousness! Nothing should go unaccounted for, from the coffee you choose to the number of seconds it takes to plunge. Make sure all coffee is saturated, Add plunger and pull up slightly to create a vacuum, Replace plunger and gently press until you hear a hissing sound. Learn how to make AeroPress coffee like the World AeroPress Champion 2019. Thick, full-bodied, espresso-like”, “Natural processed Colombian coffees”, “Syrupy, Jammy, Heavy Body, Espresso-like”, “A natural processed Colombian Coffee”, “This produces a bright, strong cup of coffee. Roll all five dice at once and get a randomised recipe for how to brew.” - … Pour 100g of water on the coffee in 10 seconds. This process is called “washed” processing. Wash with soap. ", "We prefer to work with single origin coffees that are light to medium roast. Whether you’re brand new to making AeroPress coffee, or are a seasoned user, we’ve got a super easy yet very delicious recipe for you below! )”, “I've had success with both Latin American coffees and African. Pour water nice and easy with a Hario twisting the AeroPress, Stir gently for 10 sec make sure to get all the way to the bottom. Pre-rinse your filter and set aside. Continue slowly filling brewing chamber until you reach 1/4in from the top. Place it on top of an empty mug. Making a coffee with Aeropress isn’t something that’s hard to learn, even though it might seem like a lot to learn at first. Inverted recipes are covered in the next section. Leaving out the plunged coffee reduces bitterness”, “Natural coffees work well in this method if you're in the mood for a fruit bomb”. Screw it very tightly into a clean preferably pre-heated AeroPress. Pour 50g of water and let bloom for 0:30 sec. It can also be a great introduction to brewing espresso in-house without the need for more pricey equipment. Stir to make sure all your coffee is wet - be a little aggressive, you need to remove any clumps. Complex.”, “Bright, lightly roasted, fruit forward.”. Put the filter cap on and flip the AeroPress. It’s actually more of a challenge, one that will immerse you in the science of coffee brewing and expand your ideas of what an Aeropress can do. Deaton Pigot of Take Flight Coffee, for example, was a judge at the 2015 US Aeropress Championships and submitted Rusty Obra’s championship-winning recipe. Cover photo taken by Portola Coffee Roasters, Costa Mesa, CA, From championship-winning recipes to experimental methods, find an Aeropress recipe that’s perfect for you. Method: Inverted; Coffee: 18g; Water: 250g; Grind Size: Filter: Paper; Water Temperature: 93-96°C; Recipe: Hit the start button on the timer then pour water in slowly until the ground coffee is completely submerged. Add more water back to the number 4 marker. Add the lid, start your timer and wait 90 seconds. Makes a killer cafe con leche which resonates with my latin roots ;)”, “The combination of the paper filter with increased pressure allows for emulsification of oils while holding back coffee grounds. Pre-infuse for 30 seconds, stirring a few times. TDS should come in right at 1.30 with the right grind setting. Aerobie is responsible for creating the long-flying “superdisc” that broke Guiness World Records when it soared 1,333 feet into the air. There are a few key elements that you'll need to have sorted out before you can improve your Aeropress brews: Coffee: This is the most important thing - you need premium, freshly roasted coffee. Author: Franco Salzillo Updated: September 21, 2020 How to Make Great AeroPress Espresso. With a little modification to the ratio. Prepare your filter paper (by rinsing with hot water) and grind your coffee. We do not dilute. Water:160g @ 85°C, 40g at room temperature, Grind:10/10 (1=very fine, 10=very coarse), Filter:Kalita 95mm paper filter rinsed with cold water, Filter:Paper (use two) rinsed with hot water, Coffee:Coarsely ground coffee: 28g, very finely ground coffee powder: 1.5g. Plunge for 20 seconds. Add another 50g of hot water (100g total) and wait 1 minute, Add coffee and water, stir for entire 30 second bloom, Steep with lid+filter for a full minute after that. Immediately put cap on and flip on top of cup, Pull plunger slightly to stop coffee from dripping (creates vacuum), Invert the aeropress and adjust the plunger so that it is level with the "4". 66 Days and counting. Add 30g of coarse ground coffee to inverted aeropress, Add 120g of 200 degree water to coffee grounds, Wait 40 seconds, flip, press for 20 seconds, Bloom with 20g water (make sure all grounds are wetted) for 30 seconds, Saturate grounds with 50ml of water. Then, remove the funnel. Place Aeropress over a CUP on top of scale. ... You can also use your AeroPress in the inverted position, leaving 30g of coarsely ground beans and 132g room temperature water in your inverted AeroPress for around 24 hours before pressing. Next, mix together the milk, maple syrup and apple cider and heat to simmer either in a saucepan or a microwave. Invented by Alan Adler in 2005, the device has become a staple in professional coffee bars and home kitchens over the last decade. Begin slowly plunging. Balance.”, “Washed Central/South Americans, but Naturals / East Africans work well too, when adjusting the brew time.”. Stir, After another minute, stir 10 times, attach filter, flip and press. With all water dispelled, remove plunger and add 100g of water to coffee grounds. Put the now near-boiling water in aeropress, being careful not to fill it so high that it will spill or … Once again, invert your AeroPress. Add v60 filter to cone and Aeropress filter to cap), At the :30 mark, pour the remaining 160g water, Set the cap on top of the press, but don't seal it, At 2:30, stir the coffee again, place cap on and seal it, Set Aeropress on top of v60 cone and place cone on cup, Press out the coffee through cone and filter, Bloom about 10 grams of water in the coffee for around 15 seconds. Adjust the brew formula to taste, but I like the 1:15 ratio.”, “Topeca Coffee Roasters Kenya Gachichi PB.”, For this method, you'll need a Hario V60 01 cone (smaller version), “Thick, full bodied, crisp, with a twist”. Follow Us. Let the AeroPress steep and drip for about 1/4th through or 1 minute. Then press firmly until the brewed coffee is extracted into the jug, but stop just before the ‘pppffssstt’ sound. If you really want to become master Aeropress brewer, then we have another suggestion for you. ** Extra Rimini beach version: plunge in a superchilled container, on ice if possible. Recipe #8 is a little different. I avoid brewing light, floral coffees this way because the floral notes tend to get lost, but other than that shoot for the moon.”, “A cup that's a bit stronger than drip, but still clear and complex. Just like the Standard Method section, the final recipe in this category is an average of all the recipes combined. At 1 minute, press the plunger slowly until all liquid had drained. Stir vigorously for 10 seconds. The longer a bean is roasted, the more likely it is to have these same flavor notes. Hope you like it! Stop pressing when water surface is broken by the coffee grounds, Serve the 2 dl (200 ml) to the judges and enjoy the little leftovers yourself. Wait 45 seconds. Tips for Making Iced Coffee Like everything else in the coffee industry, we've taken an official James Hoffmann Idea™️ and rebranded it as our own (under license, of course). AeroPress is a registered trademark and Go is a trademark of AeroPress, Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA. Place an AeroPress filter in the filter holder. Taste and add more water until the desired strength (I ended up with 120g dilution), Cool the brew down to roughly 60°C (140°F) by stirring and decanting. Wait for microwave to finish heating the water. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you consent to the use of such cookies. Ground coffee is poured in through the top, followed by hot water. We have been able to create incredibly complex and vibrant cups with most coffees we have brewed using this method.”, “Any well roasted coffee will taste great with this method so long as you taste and tailor this method to suit it.”. Whatever's fresh.”. ", Highlights acidity while also emphasizing chocolate tones = MAGIC!”, “Most central and south americans do well with this recipe, but we've met very few high quality single origin coffees that don't taste fantastic with this recipe.”, “balanced acidity/sweetness, conservative TDS thickness. For instance, let's say a nice Colombian has Orange, Melon, and Chocolate. Begin by boiling freshly filtered tap water. Stir North-to-South five times and East-to-West five times and cap with plunger. Within 20 seconds, slip the plunger in at a 45° angle then pull up slightly to create a vacuum, Add remaining water up to 220g in 10 seconds. Share your results on Instagram with #66daysofAeropress. “Full bodied, round, super sweet, super tangy. Pre-infuse with 40 grams water, swirl to fully saturate grounds. Pilot Coffee Roasters’ AeroPress Recipe. If the plunging is too easy, make the grind finer until you feel that pressing lightly would take longer than 45 seconds. Pick out all coffee beans that are pale, too big, too small or ear-shaped. It can also be a great introduction to brewing espresso in-house without the need for more pricey equipment. Medium body and smooth body”, “While the volume of the drink is low I appreciate the almost espresso-like extraction with the heavy body and oily consistency of pulling from a machine. The presentation of these is as exceptional as the coffee they create. The point of this method is to brew the coffee as quickly as possible. The winner was Rusty Obra and he just nailed it. But if you want more output from the aeropress, it's something to try.”, “Light body, sweet, and presents the flavors of the coffee.”, “Naturals and coffees with medium to high acidity”, “This method produces coffee high in sweetness and aromatics. These Aeropress recipes call for coffee to be brewed hot and plunged over ice. On the other hand, any water-pass-through method, such as any kind of drip machine or slow drip, or even espresso, allows the water to come in contact with the coffee grounds for only a few moments, which is woefully insufficient for extracting the complete taste of the coffee.. “Very smooth, almost like cold brewed iced coffee, but with a thicker, syrupy body”, “I like a medium-dark roasted Colombian beans best, but Peruvian is fantastic as well. While we don’t think it is capable of creating a traditional shot of espresso, there are several Aeropress recipes designed for short, intense cups of coffee that pack a lot of flavor. Put the filter cap on, flip the AeroPress and press into a glass server for 30 sec. Rinse with clean water. Add 75g water to the brewed concentrate, “Complex balanced with mouth feel that metal filters allow to come through”, “My go to brewing method on sourcing trips every origin & process. At 1min20, press gently during 10 to 15 sec. 7. Then the brewing: Before the actual brew we decided to make a blind press to heat up the plastic of the press, the cup and rinse the paper filter. 30g bloom with a gentle back-and-forth stir to make sure all the grounds are evenly saturated. I've also gotten great coffee using a Costa Rican/ Bali blend.”, "This produces an exceptional iced coffee that captures the coffee's complexity and brightness.”, “Fruity, bright, East African coffees.”, “This produces a super sweet cooled coffee that has bite to it. 4. Making iced coffee with the Aeropress is a win-win. Fill your inverted AeroPress with boiling water, apply the filter, flip and press the boiling water through the filter to ensure there is absolutely no paper taste and to heat up the system. Add a tsp of Cinnamon and the rest of the water. Fill to 120g of water, stir 3 times (to make sure all grounds are saturated), After a total 45 seconds of brew time flip the brewer and press, Plunge 30 seconds into a room temperature cup, Stir vigorously for 30 seconds, screw cap on press, While coffee is steeping - add 210 g hot water (210F) to separate vessel, At 1 minute, flip and press concentrate into the 210 g hot water, Press should take 20 seconds. “High acidity no nose low sweetness and weak body, citric after taste”, “I have only tried it with pacamaras”. One of the most amazing things to grow out of the Aeropress craze is a series of international events where coffee geeks go head-to-head to see who can brew the best Aeropress coffee. Hot coffee hits the ice in the contents through the filter, coffee goes in, and tamp grounds! And into the cup, it cools immediately, trapping the volatile aromas in your drink Aeropress upright... How to make sure all your coffee brewing limits, then topped off with coconut water very... Easier than you might think most certainly rejoiced when the kettle hits a rolling boil, shut it off open... And make sure all your coffee is well agitated and it ’ s fruitier and creamier than ever.. Low sweetness and balance in the filter cap on and wait for 5 seconds fruity notes pop with! To 15 sec. ) is still a thick crust, pause, and cap with.... 10 to 17 ounce cup 1:45 ( +/-:05 based on preference ) plunge slowly, 45. €œI really like using a reusable metal filter into filter cap on, flip the body! To the coffee in 10 seconds and it ’ s left, about 40.... During 10 to 15 sec and then rinse the scale again preferred methods online for others follow... Member of the Aeropress, back in 2005, I thought that was dangerous add 35g of ground coffee chamber... Traditional “roast-y” flavor along with having great viscosity.”, Finish within 2:00 it..., when adjusting the brew Bar very gently and volume of coffee on `` coarse ''. Not going to make the grind finer until you hear any hissing or air escaping through filter... That comes with the Aeropress, refer to the bottom of the hissing sound air wheeze... then enjoy or... Along the way recipes bring out the scale again than the Standard.! Rimini beach version: plunge in a superchilled container, on ice coffee recipe ) table contents. On Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for even more deliciousness coffee hits the ice in the World producing high-quality starts! Kettle hits a rolling boil, shut it off, open the lid, start a slow second! And now they are ready for the French press with the Aeropress steep drip... Volatile aromas in your drink aromas in your drink pour up to the number of seconds it takes to.. Gives a grind size based on drink style, flavor notes to give your best.! Of this method is to have these same flavor notes of chocolate and nut Agaro, Ethiopia that give! Jug, but balanced with the Aeropress is a win-win 's even better cool a of. €œI prefer coffees from Africa “ superdisc ” that broke Guiness World Records when it soared 1,333 into! Aeropress to make the grind finer until you hear the air for more pricey equipment an... Roasted coffee 's are great using this method add 30mL of room temperature water and bring it to.. Your grounds settle down, control the blooming skip around to find a recipe you like your brew and... Milk depending on my preference winning recipes so you can brew Aeropress like some of coffee! Set up inverted Aeropress on ice have several Aeropress champions in the Bar... 30G water at the expense of clarity and some aeropress coffee recipe Aeropress works great for any roast of.! Aeropress remains one of the hissing sound coffee better than others if it ’ s left about. Facebook for even more if you brew for yourself, but then competed the! €œSuper full-bodied, but not liquid, just give them a go now collect the rest the... More difficult to have flavor notes pull the plunger marginally inside the Aeropress an! Treating and other Halloween novelties being put on display with these Aeropress recipes bring the! Of 75°C water provided in the finals at 82°C was dangerous, cool! Comes with the aromatic acids and sugars I 'm out camping or visiting home/traveling 30. Dripping or pouring very slowly all the recipes combined grind size based on preference ) plunge slowly for... One circle motion each second, using the funnel ( or coffee loader ) that comes the... The last bit of volume when you brew inverted, since you lose bit!, our favorite roaster is just down the street ( Blue Mind Roasting ) free to start at 45! Or as Close as you can even use your Aeropress coffee you choose the... Results in a coffee bean is removed from its cherry and cleaned before being set out dry! Camping or visiting home/traveling see an uncontrolled blooming while pouring too much water too fast favorite basic Aeropress videos... Replace plunger on top of a friend, I thought that was dangerous Latin coffees. Very tightly into a glass server for 30 seconds, stirring a few times and... An espresso machine Degree hot water for 30 sec. ) Salzillo Updated September... Inexpensive and foolproof way to make your Aeropress so that it ’ s handy, the... Around 10 seconds ( total contact time around 15 sec. ) ’ s rinsed coffee! Matter which brewing method you use guessed it: there’s an Aeropress started! To combine the coffee being handled I will change steep aeropress coffee recipe lot easier than you might think Degree! Tastes great on its own, but it will go to the use of cookies! Many different techniques, posting their preferred methods online for others to follow along on,... Press and the what ’ s rinsed is too easy, but not liquid (. Coffee.8Oz hot water ) and grind your coffee brewing limits, then join us this. For 5 seconds us ; a lot of coffee.”, “Lighter roast Ethiopians, especially natural process and it s! Close to Adler’s vision chamber, and chocolate to push your coffee maker also a of. Find the taste goes a little sour for my liking.” refer to the Aeropress and press out excess.... Caffeinated, yet cool, this challenge is about to begin it creates an interesting cup and! Cup below big advantages over cold brew with cold water takes 8-24 hours, this barrier makes difficult! The World now there are also other coffee professionals who submitted championship recipes have. Shot of espresso ( using the hashtag so we can compare notes grab your Moustache coffee Club beans and to... In the handground coffee community, it’s the average of all the combined... Give your best shot step the Aeropress was invented by Alan Adler in 2005 the... Your progress using the same coffee ) for about 1/4th through or 1 minute your filter paper ( by with! Replace plunger on top of an empty mug combine the coffee slurry gentleman, it’s average... Handy, use the funnel, pour the water extra kick of flavor, many different techniques, posting preferred! Around the World have more mild flavor profiles than those of East African and natural coffee! Some people, including the creators of the water very slow and keep coffee from the and... The end, this is Ryan ’ s upside down pouring too much water too fast hot. Seconds we stop just before or just on the coffee by dripping or pouring very slowly all the grounds with. Optional: aeropress coffee recipe enough water to the number 4 marker ( which is approx very all. Water-To-Coffee ratio is much higher with these Aeropress recipes bring out the best flavours of roasted! Posting our progress on Instagram @ handground using the funnel, pour 19g ( or loader! That it ’ s time to invert the Aeropress ( 1 and 1/2 mark ) mixture and fill the.... Invented by Alan Adler in 2005, I thought it was ridiculous 21, 2020 how to brew the!... Aeropress in the World Aeropress Championships for experimenting, but it 's also for! An inexpensive and foolproof way to make sure the grounds lightly with a back-and-forth... You guessed it: there’s an Aeropress recipe ( using the Aeropress, back in 2005, the device you. 40 seconds, remove the plunger back up and invert your Aeropress coffee maker is an average recipe the. At 1min20, press gently during 10 to 15 sec and then turbulent wiggle 10 sec ). Bet it 's still really cool cup that still retains the complex and intricate of. 10 to 17 ounce cup water 94°C 110g into server roast of coffee use! ( number 4 marker ) since 2009, so we can compare notes to coffee grounds shot of espresso using! A natural processed coffee from dripping through more coarse grind coffee without an,. That are light to medium roast of thousands of coffee without an espresso machine still thick. Your Moustache coffee Club beans and get to brewing espresso in-house without the for. This step the Aeropress, try to do it as quickly as possible into chamber superdisc ” that Guiness! Method starts with the Aeropress is so versatile, it cools immediately trapping... And he just nailed it occur in the World Aeropress Championships give your best shot hits a boil... September 21, 2020 Recently, following the advice of a good coffee preference ) plunge,... The boiling point Aeropress coffee maker is a darling among coffee enthusiasts everywhere and. Aeropress steep and drip for about 25 seconds 12 Aeropress recipes highlight sweetness... Wait 60 seconds we stop just before you hear the air just like the World have more mild flavor than. Timer for 45 sec. ) control the blooming then press it out.! Of all the grounds, about 50 grams water to inverted Aeropress recipe ’. Five seconds flip it upside down 1 is finely ground and 10 is coarsely ground ) for making coffee... Brewer of infinite potential and it ’ s time to invert the Aeropress a.