Shanna en Laura, physiotherapy students

Who are we? We are Laura de Brouwer and Shanna Smeijsters, both 4th years physical therapy student at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen. We got the opportunity to take part in the end phase of the project “The power of implicit learning 2.0”.
What do we do? We research the experiences of physical therapists towards the applicability and usability around analogy learning during the medical rehabilitation after a stroke.
How do we do this? We organise multiple focus groups, in order to gather as many thoughts, experiences, and opinions of skilled physical therapists that work within neurorehabilitation. By doing this, we hope to deliver a nice product at the end of May, which will be our contribution to this project. This way the rehabilitation of patients who had a stroke can be optimised further and a higher quality of follow-up care can be delivered.
Why is this valuable? In the last few years, a lot of knowledge has been gathered around implicit motor learning. In order to turn all this knowledge into practice, and to optimise/improve the rehabilitation process, the thoughts and experiences of physical therapists are crucial.