Iris Kanera, MSc, PT

My professional background is physiotherapy and Public Health. Currently, I am involved as a researcher in projects of the Research Center of Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Exercise and I am a lecturer in physiotherapy. My main interest and expertise lies in the field of prevention and coping with lifestyle-related (chronic) conditions, lifestyle behavior change, self-management, and eHealth.
In previous years, I worked on my PhD project, which includes the development and evaluation of an online cancer aftercare intervention, the “Kanker Nazorg Wijzer”. This standalone eHealth intervention is computer-tailored and offers psychosocial and lifestyle self-management support for survivors of various types of cancer. I am expecting to defend my dissertation in 2017 at the Open University.
During my work as a physiotherapist, health consultant, and researcher, my challenge is to provide personal relevant (tailored) self-management support that empowers individuals to change and maintain their health behavior in a positive way.