Ritch te Kampe (2016-2017)

I am Ritch te Kampe and currently in the final year of the Master “Human Movement Science” at the University of Maastricht (2016-2017).
During my final internship, I will write my thesis about the Raak Pro Project ‘The power of implicit motor learning 2.0’. In this project we investigate the outcome of several implicit learning strategies on improving walking of people after a stroke.
Since November, I started as a working student in his project. Currently, I am engaged in processing the data obtained by laboratory gait analyses using the VICON system. By working a lot with the program I am gaining practical experience within this field of research. The Raak Pro Project shows an interesting and relevant research question which directly can linked to a need in the working field. The results are directly applicable in our daily care systems.

The combination of my tasks as a master- and working student is the best I could wish for as a student.