Kyra Theunissen, MSc

Since January 2016, I am involved as junior researcher in different projects at Zuyd University. With my background as teacher in Physical Education and swim-instructor, I have always been interested in human movement. While expanding my practical knowledge with research, I finished my master degree in Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht University in 2015.

As a young researcher I think it is important to be involved in a broad spectrum of projects. Together with several senior researchers I am gaining experience in different fields of research. Therefore, I will be able to link different fields of clinical and applied research. For now, I have mainly participated in research in cerebral palsy gait and on improving gait after stroke while using different implicit motor learning strategies. I am currently expanding this with research on different activity monitors.

I am highly motivated to learn more about physical activity in all its’ different aspects; research, education and rehabilitation.