The power of implicit motor learning 2.0 - The official kick-off of 4-year lasting RAAK-pro research project!

In September the research project “the power of implicit motor learning” has officially started. The project is structured over four sub-projects (work packages), in which Melanie Kleynen and Li-Juan Jie are involved as part of their PhD. Within this study the effects of implicit motor learning strategies on gait of people after stroke will be researched. The study is part of a large (inter)national consortium including health practitioners, researchers and engineers (technology developers). Also four client representatives are involved in the project to ensure that the focus of research maintains directed at the population. The official kick off of the project took place at Zuyd University in Heerlen, the Netherlands on the 5th of October 2015.

Students (Annika Ries, Ryan Willms), lecturers (Dennis Odekerken, Toine Diederen, Gaston Jamin) from the studies physiotherapy, biometrics, CMD (Communication and Multi Media Design), researchers from the program brain injury (Adelante, Sasascha Rasquin) and from Movement Sciences (UM NUTRIM, Kenneth Meijer) are already intensively involved within the first sub-project. Several project partners have stated that they are interested in student exchange including Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool (the Netherlands), Exeter University (UK), and the Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy). During the 4-year lasting project we are hoping to increase the amount of project partners involved both internally and externally. The measurements of the first sub-project take place in two nearly identical laboratories in Heerlen (Zuyd University) and Maastricht (Maastricht University). Extension measurements in other laboratories such as at the University of Exeter in the future are possible.  

The preparations are full in progress and ethical approval of the first study has been obtained. Within this study projections that will be projected on the floor (runway) will be used to facilitate walking performance of the clients. These projections are being developed in cooperation with the study CMD. Also for a second intervention video-recordings have been made in cooperation with the technicians. Bart Driessen and Pieter Dekkers have recorded nice videos for the project. The recruitment of clients after stroke will start in November 2015.


The consortium involves: Zuyd Hogeschool, Adelante, Sevagram, ParaMedisch Centrum Sittard Zuid, Fysio Thuis, Fysiotherapie Maatschap Snijders, Huis voor de zorg, Universiteit Maastricht, University of Waikato, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Fontys Paramedisch, University of Exeter, Active4Care, Bruno Kessler Foundation, en het Nederlands Instituut voor Sport en Bewegen.


Progress of the project can be followed on the website of the research centre of autonomy and participation and There are factsheets available about the project in Dutch and English at Stephanie Cornips / Jacqueline Muller (D1.232). Melanie Kleynen, Li-Juan Jie (promovendi), Susy Braun and Sandra Beurskens (project leaders) are happy to provide more information about the project.