Jule Elmanowski & Arnella de Heer

We are Jule Elmanowski and Arnella de Heer, senior year physical therapy students at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen. Alongside the regular study, in our case with a duration of three years instead of four years, we followed a program which contains courses on research and statistics. Reasons for following this program are our interest in research, rehabilitation and the opportunity to develop our knowledge on this subjects in preparation for the Master Human Movement Science.  


Recently we started with our Bachelor thesis about errorless learning in post-stroke patients. Our study will be a pilot study to investigate the effects of errorless learning as a part of implicit learning on gait of people after stroke. At the same time we will collect information on the applicability of errorless learning. The results of the Bachelor thesis are expected in the summer of 2016. For our Master thesis we will possibly perform a spin-off study for instance on the long term effects of our intervention.


The study will serve as a preparation for a Randomized Controlled Trial which will start in 2016.