Interactive Art

Enjoying art is a unique human capacity. A piece of art has the power to evoke thoughts and emotions. Listening to your favourite song can make your day, while a modern art sculpture can provoke thoughts on ethics or the lightness of being.

People who are cognitively less able, because of a temporary or permanent condition, have a hard time understanding and communicating with the people and the world around them. We believe that, through interactive art, they can once again have meaningful, beautiful experiences, which effect their quality of life.

VENSTER, which translates to ‘WINDOW’in English, is an interactive art installation which potentially facilitates nursing home residents to (re)connect with the outside world. Not by augmenting existing activities or therapy, but by providing a meaningful experience during the spare time in between.

Convergence is an interactive installation that wants to (re)connect nursing home residents with themselves and their inner circle, by levelling the cognitive difference and providing a meaningful (shared) experience.