Teuni van Gisbergen & Maud van Bommel

We are Teuni van Gisbergen and Maud van Bommel. We are physiotherapy students at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen (the Netherlands).

For our bachelor thesis, we will investigate the usability and applicability of accelerometers in patients with chronic diseases. These patients have diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiac failure or rheumatoid arthritis. Many of these patients also have comorbidities.

As it seems difficult to be sufficiently physically active, especially for people with a chronic disease, accelerometers will be used in this research. An accelerometer is a monitoring and feedback tool to stimulate physical activity. Therefore, accelerometers seem to be useful for people with a chronic disease. However, it is currently not known whether accelerometers are useful and applicable in this population.

Results of this study are expected in the summer of 2015.