Tessa van Heel

My name is Tessa van Heel. I completed my bachelor degree in physiotherapy at Zuyd University of Applied Scinces in 2013. After graduation, I started working as a physiotherapist in geriatric rehabilitation and chronic care. Currently I combine my job with a part-time master in Movement Sciences at Maastricht University.

During my bachelor thesis about the effects of mental practice in neurological patients, I got interested in research and motor learning. That is why I chose to do my master thesis in this field as well. In my thesis I examine the influence of analogies with and without usage of an interactive surface on the walking pattern of patients in geriatric rehabilitation.

I enjoy combining clinical practice with research. Working on the individual and collective level is challenging and interesting. It allows me to contribute to the development of innovative, feasible treatment methods and apply these in practice to give patients the best care possible.