Tim Dings

My name is Tim Dings and I am a Communication and Multimedia Design senior year student at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht (the Netherlands). During my education, I encountered the constantly changing health care sector. This sector is looking into the possibilities of modern technologies and is searching for ways to implement technological tools to make health care easier and more flexible. Currently, many tools have been developed, but it is proven to be especially difficult for these digital tools to keep elderly users interested over a long period of time.

My bachelor thesis responds on this issue by examining how (current/future) technological tools must be developed in such a way that they are used by elderly over a longer period of time. I will research the possibilities and effects of gamification/persuasive design in elderly care. I will apply my knowledge of user experience design and usability testing. The Sphero ball will be used as a tool to get a satisfying result.

Results of the final project on feasibility and potential effects are expected in the summer of 2014.