Sandra Beurskens (Prof.) PhD, PT

My professional background is Physical Therapy and Epidemiology. I am the programme director (associate professor) of the research centre Autonomy and Participation of Persons with a Chronic Illness. Within the research centre we perform research projects in close collaboration with the working field, teachers, students and the Maastricht University. At Maastricht University I have a position as professor with a focus on goal-oriented measurements in daily practice. Professionals involved in our (research) projects are nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, biometrics and physiotherapists. The projects are aimed at innovations and answering questions of care professionals. With the results of the projects the research centre wants to support persons with chronic illnesses to live the life they want to.

My interests and expertises are broad and centres on using measurements in daily care, patient-centred goal setting, evidence based practice, inter-professional education and the implementation and evaluation of collaborative practice of allied health professionals in primary care.

Moving in new directions is a very important program and one of my favourites. Personally I am addicted to movement, especially movements related to trail running.