Elvira Afoni, Lindsay Paffen & Elles Van Mulken

We are in the last year of a four year physiotherapy bachelor programme at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Through our final thesis we came in contact with the FMI-project. Our study is a Scoping review about implicit and explicit motor learning strategies on people with central neurological diseases.  This study aims to give an overview of the implicit and explicit motor learning strategies which are applied in learning and re-learning functional motor skills among people with a central neurological deficit.

Frank Idsinga & Erik Welzen

Frank Idsinga and Erik Welzen are both students of Physical Therapy at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen in the Netherlands. Alongside the regular program they follow an additional course focusing on research designs and statistics. They both have a special interest in neurological physical therapy and technological innovation in health care.

For their bachelor thesis they investigate the cardiovascular effects during moving on interactive surfaces.

Joran Frommé, Stania Labots & Godelieve Hendriks

The goal of our bachelor thesis (Physiotherapy, Zuyd University of applied sciences) is to develop a framework which can help (physio)therapists to apply two implicit learning strategies ‘Analogy learning’ and ‘Errorless learning’ within a practice session in patients with cognitive impairments. This framework should help the (physio)therapist by 1) choosing between these two strategies 2) designing a treatment session considering the variability, organization, instruction and feedback.