Teuni van Gisbergen & Maud van Bommel

We are Teuni van Gisbergen and Maud van Bommel. We are physiotherapy students at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen (the Netherlands).

For our bachelor thesis, we will investigate the usability and applicability of accelerometers in patients with chronic diseases. These patients have diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiac failure or rheumatoid arthritis. Many of these patients also have comorbidities.

Tessa van Heel

My name is Tessa van Heel. I completed my bachelor degree in physiotherapy at Zuyd University of Applied Scinces in 2013. After graduation, I started working as a physiotherapist in geriatric rehabilitation and chronic care. Currently I combine my job with a part-time master in Movement Sciences at Maastricht University.

Li-Juan Jie, PT

In 2013, I completed my physiotherapy degree at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. During the final year of my bachelor, I started working as a student assistant within the research centre "Autonomy and Participation" of Zuyd. I also undertook a research placement at the University of Exeter. I started to realize that I wanted to learn more about research, especially when it comes to (implicit) motor learning and rehabilitation. I felt very comfortable in Exeter and I had the feeling that I could deepen my knowledge in this area over here.

Tim Dings

My name is Tim Dings and I am a Communication and Multimedia Design senior year student at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht (the Netherlands). During my education, I encountered the constantly changing health care sector. This sector is looking into the possibilities of modern technologies and is searching for ways to implement technological tools to make health care easier and more flexible. Currently, many tools have been developed, but it is proven to be especially difficult for these digital tools to keep elderly users interested over a long period of time.

Lieve van Cranenbroek, Bodine Clement & Iris Lamers

We are Lieve van Cranenbroek, Bodine Clement and Iris Lamers. We are senior year physiotherapy students at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen (the Netherlands).

Our bachelor thesis has a focus on clients with an intellectual disability. In this research project, we investigate whether interactive surfaces might be used effectively within individual physiotherapy sessions for these clients. Results of this study can be found here:

Li-Juan Jie & Floor te Lintel Hekkert

We are both senior year physiotherapy students at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands). We got involved with the FMI-project trough our bachelor thesis. Our study ‘’Different explanation, less frustration?’’ focuses on the feasibility and potential benefits of analogy learning for stroke patients. The FMI gives us the opportunity to practice our study abroad at the University of Exeter (United Kingdom). In addition we get the chance to develop our selves in many ways professionally as well as personally.

Kayl Pijpers & Martin Classen

Kayl Pijpers and Martin Classen are combining fun, technology and health care in their project whilst treating patients after a hip fracture (Plataan, Sevagram Zorgcentra). Older patients will be playing with a little robot, which is controlled by their arm-movements, which are registered by a senor (Kinect). The Tri-Bot needs to be driven along different courses which are increased in level of difficulty as the patients get better physically but also gain more expertise in controlling the Tri-Bot.