Susy Braun, PhD, PT

Susy Braun is Associate Professor at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen and and a research fellow at CAPHRI School for Public Health Primary Care at Maastricht University. She is head of the Research Center of Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise and program leader of the program 'stimulating an active, healthy lifestyle' of the Expertise Center for Innovative Care and Technology.

Melanie Kleynen, MSc, PT

My background is physiotherapy (BAC, Zuyd University, 2007) and epidemiology (MSc, Maastricht University, 2010).

Since 2007 I am working for Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. In the beginning as a research assistant, currently  as researcher and lecturer. Additionally I am doing clinical work at  the brain injury department at Adelante (centre of rehabilitation in Hoensbroek, The Netherlands). Combining the three jobs, I am able link to research, education and practice on a daily basis.   

Li-Juan Jie, MSc, PT

I have a background in physiotherapy and MSc in Sport and Health Sciences. I started my PhD in September 2015 at Zuyd University (Research Centre of Autonomy and Participation for People for Persons with a Chronic Illness) and Maastricht University (Department of Family Medicine, CAPHRI & Department of Human Movement Sciences, NUTRIM). Besides my PhD I also teach at the faculty of health at the physiotherapy department of Zuyd University.

Sandra Beurskens (Prof.) PhD, PT

My professional background is Physical Therapy and Epidemiology. I am the programme director (associate professor) of the research centre Autonomy and Participation of Persons with a Chronic Illness. Within the research centre we perform research projects in close collaboration with the working field, teachers, students and the Maastricht University. At Maastricht University I have a position as professor with a focus on goal-oriented measurements in daily practice.

Mark Wilson, PhD

My research examines cognitive processes underlying the learning and skilled performance of visually guided skills across domains (e.g., sport, surgery, military, driving, aviation); ability levels (e.g., from expert performers to patient groups); and the lifespan (from children to elderly patients). A major focus of this work has been the study of objective measures of visual attention (primarily using gaze tracking technology) and the influence of anxiety on attention and subsequent performance.

Kyra Theunissen, MSc

Since January 2016, I am involved as junior researcher in different projects at Zuyd University. With my background as teacher in Physical Education and swim-instructor, I have always been interested in human movement. While expanding my practical knowledge with research, I finished my master degree in Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht University in 2015.

Renée van den Heuvel, MSc

I have a background in Health Sciences (Movement sciences and Health Promotion) and a Master Sports and Physical Activity Interventions at Maastricht University. In April 2013 I started my PhD at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences at the Research Centre for Assistive Technology in Care. My PhD research focuses on the application possibilities of robots in rehabilitation and special education for children with severe physical disabilities. Next to my PhD I also teach at the occupational therapy department and at healthcare engineering.

Catherine M. Capio, PhD, PT

I have recently joined the faculty of the Institute of Human Performance in the University of Hong Kong, where I also completed my doctoral degree in 2012. I have previously worked for the University of the Philippines Manila as a senior lecturer in rehabilitation sciences, and as a clinical instructor for physiotherapy interns. I was also a researcher for the National Institutes of Health – Philippines where I completed a project on the motor development of Filipino children with Down Syndrome.

Sascha Rasquin, PhD, Neuropsychologist

I am Sascha Rasquin. I work as a researcher and neuropsychologist in the Rehabilitation Clinic Adelante. My main work is with patients with acquired brain injury within the field of neuropsychological rehabilitation. I am very enthusiastic about M.I.N.D. Especially the interdisciplinary working on the very difficult subject: ‘How somebody learns to move (again)’.


Albine Moser, PhD

Her background is nursing. She worked 19 years as bed-site nurse in hospital and public health  nursing in several countries (Austria, USA and the Netherlands). She has a masters degree in Public Health and in 2009 she earned a PhD at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Maastricht University. Currently she works at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences as a senior lecturer-researcher. She teaches at the Master of Advanced Nursing Practice study programme. She is involved in the Research Centre Autonomy and Participation of Chronically Ill People.